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Compounding Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical compounding is the creation of a particular pharmaceutical product to fit the unique need of a patient.

Medication Therapy Management and Reconciliation

Avoiding harm from medications and adverse drug events (ADEs) is essential and top patient safety, and medication reconciliation play a significant role in its prevention. 

Dispose My Meds

Protect your family and the environment by safely disposing of unused medications.

Community Education

Our pharmacy knows that increased awareness and education result in better health. Attend one of Eldahmy’s community education events and learn how to be healthier.

Helping People Get Better Health

Eldahmy aims to unite passion and resources to serve their clients with unparalleled pharmacy services. We provide the tools, information, and ease the process of obtaining a retail prescription. Our accuracy and clinical knowledge make us different from other pharmacies.


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Client Testimonials

Whenever I need some expert medical advice, I head to this pharmacy because not only do they provide excellent products, but they also really care about their patients. They make sure that their customers get medication in the right dosages and with the proper guidance they need to maintain healthy lifestyles. The staff at Eldahmy are friendly, professional, and carry out their jobs with efficiency. I think the major difference between a private pharmacy like this one and a more mainstream one is that pharmacists at a private pharmacy like Eldahmy have actual relationships with their patients and pay attention to their well being. Definitely head to Eldahmy for service that is quick, attentive, and professional.

Dalia A.

Great pharmacy! Excellent service, extremely friendly and responsive staff. This is how all pharmacies should be run. A welcome change from the usual corporate pharmacies.

Wael E.

Dr. Eldahmy is the best pharmacist I have ever dealt with! He's was very helpful and explained everything thoroughly! I recommend everyone to get their prescription here!!

Youssef A.